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Our mission is to provide information and resources to empower people who care about making the world a better place and increase their health, happiness and effectiveness.

Important Media is a decentralized, niche blog network, dedicated to covering those issues which are important to our collective and individual well-being, from humanity’s survival to human happiness. Important Media includes the world’s biggest (best) clean energy website (CleanTechnica), a Technorati rated top ten auto blog (Gas2.0), and many others that tailor to specific niche demographics. Our sites are organized this way so people who may be interested in clean tech but not necessarily recycling or healthy food but not necessarily electric cars can find their path into the green economy on their own terms. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for sustainability experts, journalists (both citizen- and professional freelancers), industry leaders, and as many other information-sharers as we can to reach the largest possible audience, in a way that positively informs the humanity-wide discussion of important topics.

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