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Why advertise with Important Media?

As global leaders in sustainability and health reporting, Important Media is referenced and syndicated by some of the world’s largest mainstream media brands, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, MSNBC, and The Guardian. It is also featured on news services like Google News, Yahoo! News, and Reuters.


Global leaders


Most importantly, the Important Media network has millions of monthly readers that are highly educated and high earners. It also has a substantial social media presence, with social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) for nearly two dozen sites, each with their own niche focus and audience.

Important Media Readership Figures November 2014


What’s included in sponsorship?

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  • We manage the campaign for everything above. We produce the content (articles and social media shares) and coordinate placements of all branding. Optionally, you are invited to produce content that we edit for final publication. Either way is fine. 
  • Annual sponsors receive 15% off the regular monthly prices listed below.
  • Nonprofit and educational institutions get 15% off all packages.

Premium Sponsorship — The “Go Nuts” Option

Premium sponsorship gets you not only everything in the regular sponsorship package (plus more articles, more social media blasts, more impressions…), but also gets your name under the logo of our site, PLUS the entire background image can have your branding.

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Sponsorship Pricing



The world’s #1 clean energy and green tech website, CleanTechnica has over 20,000 opt-in subscribers to email newsletters, including a high proportion of industry professionals, and over 55,000 social media followers.  

  • Paul Hawken, Elon Musk, Michael Liebreich, Adnan Z Amin, Jigar Shah, Steve Sawyer, Ulrich Spiesshofer, and other cleantech champions have lauded the work done by CleanTechnica and its staff.
  • Sponsoring this site will get your company exposed to a huge, tech-savvy audience with representatives from every clean tech industry company.

Basic sponsorship: $4,300 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $6,000 per month.


Gas2 is a green car blog unlike any other: written by gear-heads for gear-heads, existing to show that going green doesn’t have to be dull and can actually have HUGE horsepower. 

  • Gas2 articles are read by more than 400,000 people each month.
  • Gas2’s core writers are serious enthusiasts with years of motorsports and industry experience who regularly get press passes to auto industry shows and conferences.
  • Other green car blogs have readers. Gas2 has fans who are looking for real products they can buy now.

Basic sponsorship: $2,000 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $3,000 per month. 



PlanetSave is regularly featured by Yahoo! and Google News. PlanetSave has writers that are recognized authorities on energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction, wildlife conservation, waste reduction, global warming, ecological activism and more.  

  • Hundreds of thousands of monthly Planetsave readers are looking for ways to reduce their footprint.
  • Planetsave readers very actively share the site’s content on social media.

Basic sponsorship: $1,100 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $1,600 per month.


Eat Drink Better

Focusing on trends in the food marketplace such as GMOs, locavorism, and healthy/whole foods, Eat Drink Better is one of the leading sustainable food sites on the web.

  • EDB writers have years of experience in sustainable food.
  • EDB caters to a demographic of millennials, young moms and other concerned caretakers.

Basic sponsorship: $800 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $1,300 per month.

Crafting A Green World

CAGW is one of the biggest eco-crafting sites on the web. With over 4,000 opt-in subscribers getting daily feeds, CAGW helps craft, scrapbook, and DIY enthusiasts find green ways to enjoy their hobbies. 

  • CAGW reaches concerned caretakers, homeowners, and parents who care about where products come from.
  • CAGW readers actively attempt projects featured on the site, and they buy supplies that are recommended.

Basic sponsorship: $800 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $1,300 per month.


Feelgood Style

FGS is on top of the latest eco-fashion, women’s health, eco-celeb and other news important to folks working in the fashion industry and wanting to buy beautiful products from good companies. 

  • FGS has an affluent, educated, and predominantly female audience.
  • FGS features a team of knowledgable writers and consistently introduces good people to brands they end up loving.

Basic sponsorship: $700 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $1,000 per month.

G2 logo

Solar Love

Solar Love is a completely solar-focused site that provides original analysis and expert commentary on important solar matters. 

  • Solar Love’s core writers are solar experts with years of experience in the field.
  • If you want to sell solar, Solar Love is one of the best websites on the web to assist you with that.

Basic sponsorship: $600 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $1,000 per month. 

G2 logo

EV Obsession

EV Obsession is a blog for those genuinely obsessed with electric vehicles. It is focused on providing in-depth, original analysis that you won’t find anywhere else. In just one year of life, EV Obsession has already been referenced by many large websites, including the New York Times.

  • EV Obsession’s core writers are widely recognized experts in the EV arena. The site founder/director has even his content tweeted by Elon Musk.
  • If you want to sell an electric car, EV Obsession is a perfect avenue for that.

Basic sponsorship: $700 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $1,200 per month. 

EP Logo


Since 2006, EP has used its leadership role in the social enterprise space to highlight small companies and innovative ideas that have the potential to do well by doing good. Crowdfunding, SRI, eco-entrepreneurship, and more.

  • Ecopreneurist’s readership includes a high percentage of entrepreneurs and managers of SMEs.
  • EP’s readers are actively looking for new companies that share their values.
  • EP’s Google Plus group consists of over 40,000 self-selected eco-entrepreneur types.

Basic sponsorship: $800 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $1,200 per month.


Green Building Elements

GBE is one of the web’s most respected green building and construction sites with wide industry readership and consistently high level content and traffic. 

  • GBE’s audience includes decision makers at companies looking to build (and manage buildings) more responsibly and efficiently.

Basic sponsorship: $900 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $1,300 per month.

Inspired Economist

Inspired Economist is a thinker’s news source for people who care about corporate social responsibility, economic sustainability, and public policy. 

  • TIE’s audience is looking for cool sustainability initiatives and great companies to support, work for, and talk about.
  • TIE’s writers have years of experience developing and implementing CSR initiatives, including direct work experience with Wal-Mart, NBC, Johnson & Johnson, Duke Energy, Eastman Chemical, and more.

Basic sponsorship: $500 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $800 per month.


Since 2003, Sustainablog has curated an active and engaged readership of concerned individuals looking for ways to help make the world a better place through making the most of our resources and managing waste.

  • S-blog’s readership is primarily educational, nonprofit, small business, and concerned citizens.
  • Regular contributors include executive directors from the Earth Policy Institute and the Global Organization for Intentional Communities.

Basic sponsorship: $800 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $1,200 per month


Green Living Ideas

Green Living Ideas has everything readers need to know about living healthy, sustainable, and well.

  • 10,000 twitter followers
  • Several GLI articles show up on page one of Google search results for many different natural living topics.
  • GLI’s readers are mainly looking for healthy and green alternatives to the products on mainstream store shelves.

Basic sponsorship: $900 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $1,200 per month.


Red Green & Blue

RGB’s highly educated and persuasively progressive editorial and writing staff have debunked major whoppers told by politicians and candidates, have live-fact-checked Presidential debates, and frequently cover our busted democracy and how it could be improved (mostly by removing Monsanto’s employees from DC).

  • RGB is perhaps our most popular site during heated election seasons.
  • RGB’s readers are looking for ways to get politically active and help change the world for the better.

Basic sponsorship: $500 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $750 per month.


EcoLocalizer is all about local solutions to global problems. 

  • Ecolocalizer focuses on our urban environment, with an emphasis on “green” city planning that promotes walkability, cycling, and urban renewal, Ecolocalizer asks its readers to act locally in order to make a global difference.

Basic sponsorship: $600 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $900 per month.

VWJ Logo Parsley (1)

Vibrant Wellness Journal

VWJ is one of our newest sites but has caught fire with the yoga and healthy eating crowd. 

  • VWJ sponsors could be any company with a focus on organics, yoga, and meditation, but a company that has ingredients for sale that our rock star blogger Andrea could work into recipes in blog posts and for her upcoming cookbook? Brilliant!

Basic sponsorship: $400 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $800 per month.



Insteading is all about survival. Whether it’s living off-grid or forming an intentional community, organic gardening or recipes for cockroach stew, Insteading will help people survive the apocalypse, whether it’s caused by zombies or global warming.

  • Sponsors could be any company with a focus on self-sufficiency, solutions for independent thinkers, or community living.
  • Sponsors could be companies that offer survival or camping gear, food security and storage solutions, or survival schools and “boot camps”.

Basic sponsorship: $400 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $800 per month.


Blue Living Ideas

BLI is all about water. Water conservation, water rights, water pollution, water purification…we’re all water, all the time on BLI.

  • BLI sponsors could be any company with a focus on, you guessed it, water!

Basic sponsorship: $500 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $750 per month.

Eden Keeper

Important Media’s brand new site (launched November 2013), is a site about the spiritual connection we have with the natural world.

  • EdenKeeper is planning to do live webcasts with religious leaders and faith-based organizations from around the globe.
  • Readers are expected to be highly educated, progressive minded, and extremely conscientious about buying from good companies, and taking their money away from companies that do not share the values of the caretaking of creation.

Basic sponsorship: $400 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $700 per month.


Bikocity is all about bikes and cities. 

  • Bikocity’s founder/director wrote his master’s thesis about bicycle planning, doing research for it in both the US and the Netherlands.
  • Bikocity writers find and share the coolest and most useful bicycle content around.

Basic sponsorship: $400 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $700 per month.

Green Business Owner

Green Business Owner aims to help people start and succeed with green businesses. 

  • Readers are mainly people looking to start or invest in a business that has a people-planet-profit triple bottom line.
  • Through direct consultations, the GBO blog, and his book, Build a Green Small Business (McGraw-Hill), site director Scott Cooney is helping people around the world create the kind of economy we all want to see–decentralized, locally focused, and globally aware.

Basic sponsorship: $400 per month.
Premium sponsorship: $700 per month.


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