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Financing a project or startup through crowdfunding has become a common tool used by entrepreneurs, designers and artists. Some crowdfunding projects are absurdly successful, reaping huge rewards for their founders both in doors opened and money gained. These are the exception, however. Many people jump into their crowdfunding campaign and then don’t understand why people aren’t jumping in to help them. The little momentum at the beginning quickly dissipates in the middle of the campaign. This leaves project leaders scrambling and without answers….and far from their funding goals.

What separates the good from the bad, and what strategies should you take?
There’s a lot to think about, from pricing & rewards to promotion to campaign management, and little mistakes can really hamper your project and turn good pre-marketing into a nightmarish scenario with little engagement.

Note the Facebook campaign to the right. This is, literally, how many people do their crowdfunding outreach. Not only ineffective, but will you still have 1400 friends on Facebook when you’re done??

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If you don’t seek professional help,  you could just do it this way, right?? 🙂

If you’re in the world of sustainability and health, Important Media can help you make the most of your crowdfunding campaign. Our company is founded by two entrepreneurs who’ve run successful green-themed crowdfunding campaigns (a game, a website, and a documentary, respectively). We also run a media network tailored to sustainability and health readers, and can get your campaign in front of a global audience as part of our consulting package.

Here’s what we offer:

  1. We can help you think about your campaign well before you kick it off, in order to better foresee potential obstacles that come up.
  2. We can help you set up your campaign with great perks.
  3. We can help you communicate your campaign through great writing (editing or copywriting available).
  4. We can help you lay out and execute a good strategy throughout the campaign, including your end-game strategy for those critical last few days.
  5. We can publicize your campaign on our green themed websites, which get an average of 3 million unique monthly readers.

We can work with you during your campaign, but the best potential is to engage with us before you click “Launch”, so that we can help save you countless hours, endless frustration, and many missed opportunities.


TestimonialsScreen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.23.01 AM

“Scott and his team helped rewrite our script, analyzed our perks and made them far more attractive, and helped us reach a global audience, which shattered our loftiest goals for our IndieGogo campaign.” 

–Marco Righi, Gingko Umbrellas

“We met our funding goal at 120% of goal; $11,953. The campaign was very successful, exactly what I hoped for/expected. The stories in Gas2, EV Obsession and Clean Technica were very helpful. And they looked great!” 

–Christopher Alan, Electric Car Insider


We understand needs vary, so we’ve laid out our services a la carte below. You may choose to engage us for promotion of your platform and for advising/marketing planning, but not copywriting/editing.  You will only be billed for the services you engage us on.

Advising & marketing planning: $75 per hour, minimum 5 hours

Copywriting & editing: $75 per hour, minimum 2 hours

Promotion: articles will be published on your requested schedule on our sustainability themed news sites, and promoted out to each sites’ social media connections. (You may choose the sites, or if you like, we’re happy to recommend some to you based on your campaign). Minimum 3 articles.

* Tier 1 (highest traffic) site (Clean Technica): $400 each.

* Tier 2 sites (Gas 2.0PlanetSave, Eat Drink Better, EV Obsession): $200 each.

* Tier 3 sites (Ecopreneurist, Green Building Elements, Inspired Economist, Green Living Ideas, Crafting a Green WorldVibrant Wellness Journal, Sustainablog, Red Green & Blue, EcoLocalizer, Blue Living Ideas, Feel Good Style, EdenKeeper, Bikocity, Solar Love and Green Business Owner): $100 each.

* As a bonus, your fourth article is free! (equal or lesser value)

Your crowdfunding widget can be placed on our sidebars for all readers to see!

Sidebar Promotion: We can also post a widget for your crowdfunding project onto the sidebar of any site you choose. This guarantees that every person reading any article on that site will be exposed to your crowdfunding project.

For our Tier 1 sites, the cost is $1,000 for 10 days per site. For our Tier 2 sites, the cost is $400 for 10 days per site. Tier 3 is $100 for 10 days per site. Choose sites that are in your product’s niche for best results!


Ready to get started?

We take credit cards, checks, or Paypal, and begin the project as soon as the funds reach our account. Email us to begin!