• CleanTechnica is happy to launch its CLEANTECH REVOLUTION TOUR with an initial solar + EV event in Berlin April 9–10.

    Aside from CleanTechnica director and editor Zachary Shahan, the Berlin CLEANTECH REVOLUTION TOUR event is bringing in some top solar & EV journalists, analysts, and executives from various corners of Europe.

    To learn more about the event, view the details and get the brochure here on The Beam.

    GridHub is the event's core sponsor. Other sponsors and partners include EV-VolumesRenewables InternationalWorld Future CouncilEV Obsession, and Solar Love, with several others likely to sign on soon.

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  • Reserve your spot by entering your information below. When you click Submit you will be redirected to a Payment page. Registration is just €50, and you can pay via credit/debit card or using a PayPal account.

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