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The Important Media network is a great place to promote your company’s healthy and green initiatives and products. Our readership of about 3.5 million monthly readers are highly educated, high earners, and have disposable income (most have no kids).

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Sponsoring a post will get your info published on the site of your choice. Your article will be permanently available on our site and will provide long-tail exposure for you as readers find our search optimized articles for the keywords associated with your product. Please note, links in the sponsored article will be live and connected to your site, but will not pass pagerank. We do not sell do follow links. Payment is required before publication. 

Sponsored posts, which can include stories from press releases, videos, articles, infographics, interviews, and anything else you want to share about your brand, start at $150 per article (see price list below)

Here are some examples of sponsored posts from across our network:

Who Writes the Sponsored Articles?

You are welcome to submit your own high quality and original article to us to be published under a Sponsored Post byline. You are free to write anywhere from 400-1200 words, and pick a topic of your choice as long as it aligns with our site themes.

As a general guideline, posts that look too advertorial will not attract readers. We suggest that you focus on your industry and speak as a voice of authority in that field. If you offer something of value to readers, they’re more likely to like you, and to share the article. You are encouraged to include photos and/or videos as well.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to create the article, you can hire our team of brilliant writers to create an original article for you. We know our audiences well and charge just $75- $150 for writing services per article. Writing services are available only in combination with sponsored posts, and full payment must be received before articles are drafted. You may review the article once before it goes live. Our writers are experts in their fields, so this option can help your article really resonate with our readers.

If you’d prefer, we can get your sponsorship onto an existing article (a retroactive sponsorship). If you’re simply looking for affiliation with a particular subject, take a moment to search within our network using the search box at the top of all sites. If you find an article you’d like to sponsor, just let us know which one.

To get started, click over to our  sponsored post self-checkout site. For bulk discount or other questions, contact our Accounts Manager via email.

Sites and Fees:

CleanTechnica(the world’s largest cleantech website) ($1200)
Gas2(biofuels, alternative transportation, motorsports, and the future of all things that GO) ($300)
Planetsave(wildlife, conservation, science, green news) ($200)
EV Obsession(the electric vehicle revolution is here and it’s huge) ($200)
Green Living Ideas(sustainable home solutions, energy efficiency, and green lifestyle) ($200)
Green Building Elements(green building, energy efficiency, LEED, green products) ($150)
Ecopreneurist (green business, entrepreneurship, CSR, marketing, small business) ($150)
Solar Love(love for all things solar power) ($150)