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As global leaders in sustainability and health reporting, the Important Media Network is referenced and syndicated by some of the world’s biggest mainstream media brands, including the New York Times and the Guardian, as well as news services like Google News and Reuters. There’s a good reason that the Important Media Network has millions of monthly readers that are highly educated and high earners, as well as a substantial social media presence.

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Become the site sponsor for the Important Media site of your choice, and for highly competitive CPMs, get exposure to a highly targeted niche demographic that votes with their dollars and will appreciate messages on sustainability and health.

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Our flagship site, and the world’s #1 clean energy and green tech website, CleanTechnica has about 6 million monthly readers, thousands of social media follows, thousands of subscribers to daily news feeds, including a high proportion of industry professionals.  

Sponsoring this site will get your company exposed to a huge, tech-savvy audience with representatives from every clean tech industry company.

EV Obsession

For the EV obsessed! 

  • EVO’s articles are read by more than 100,000 folks each month.
  • Our writers are EV and EVSE experts, having both hands-on and research experience with all things EV.


PlanetSave is regularly featured by Yahoo! and Google News. PlanetSave has writers that are recognized authorities on energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction, wildlife conservation, waste reduction, climate change, ecological activism, and more.  

  • Planetsave readers are looking for ways to reduce their footprint and get engaged locally and nationally to support climate and political action.

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