Crowdfunding Assistance

Get the media exposure you need to grow your crowdfunding project!

If you’re in the world of cleantech, green business, sustainability, EVs, or health, Important Media can help you make the most of your crowdfunding campaign by getting your project in front of a global audience.

Our company was founded by two entrepreneurs who’ve run successful green-themed crowdfunding campaigns (a game, a website, and a documentary, respectively), and we have years of experience helping to promote and run crowdfunding projects.

Here are the sites where we can promote your project:

* Tier 1 (highest traffic) site (Clean Technica): $500/article

* Tier 2 sites (Gas 2.0PlanetSaveGreen Living Ideas, EV Obsession): $200/article.

* Tier 3 sites (EcopreneuristGreen Building Elements, and Solar Love ): $150 each.

TestimonialsScreen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.23.01 AM

“Scott and his team helped rewrite our script, analyzed our perks and made them far more attractive, and helped us reach a global audience, which shattered our loftiest goals for our IndieGogo campaign.” 

–Marco Righi, Gingko Umbrellas

“We met our funding goal at 120% of goal; $11,953. The campaign was very successful, exactly what I hoped for/expected. The stories in Gas2, EV Obsession and Clean Technica were very helpful. And they looked great!” 

–Christopher Alan, Electric Car Insider

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