Welcome to Important Media! What do we think is so important? You, your health, and the health of our world. That focus on healthy, sustainable solutions and daily habits is at the root of everything that we do here, and about 3.5 million caring people read our sites each month because they also care about making our world a better place.

Check out our network of websites (below), which cover everything from the politics and business trends behind the latest cleantech innovations, to DIY baby clothes, organic recipes, and Formula 1 racing.

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CLEANTECHNICA is the world’s #1 clean energy and green technology website, with over 20,000 opt-in subscribers to email newsletters, over 55,000 social media followers, and about 1.7 million monthly readers that includes a number of very influential industry professionals. If it’s on the cutting edge of cleantech science and consumer tech, it’s here.


solar love

SOLAR LOVE joined the IM network in 2014, and has quickly become recognized as one of the web’s leading authorities on solar news, tech, and trends. With an enthusiastic core of solar industry influencers and enthusiasts guiding the site, Solar Love surely has a very bright future.


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CLEANTECHIES is one of the highest ranked cleantech sites on the web, and has been recently acquired by Important Media. We’ll be continuing to feature great cleantech news, with a focus on sustainable B2B solutions and renewable projects around the world.



EV OBSESSION is exactly what it says on the tin: a blog written by and for a core group of electric vehicle believers who look forward to a future that’s full of torque and free of pollution. EV Obsession joined the IM network in 2014, and is brought to you by the same people who made CleanTechnica the world’s #1 green tech site. It has already been referenced by The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and Think Progress!


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GAS2 is bridging the gap between gear heads and green heads, with news and stories that emphasize the best parts of ultra-efficient transportation technology while helping the world come to terms with its crippling addiction to oil. Gas2 is unlike any other car blog out there — enjoy!


bikocity-logo-3BIKOCITY is dedicated to covering the trends, best practices, and politics of the world’s bicycling renaissance, from leading bikesharing programs to longtime biker paradises in Europe and beyond.



EAT, DRINK, BETTER writers are passionate about the best and healthiest food and drink! Whether they’re talking about recipes, food policy, food justice, or anything in between, it all comes back to caring about what’s on our plates and its impact on our bodies, society, and the planet.


FEELGOOD STYLE is about more than conventional beauty. It’s about daily choices that are right for our bodies and our planet. Whether that means using natural products, wearing sustainable fashion, or adding healthy habits, FGS writers believe that the way we treat our bodies is directly related to how we feel.


VWJ Logo Parsley (1)VIBRANT WELLNESS JOURNAL believes that food is a true medicine for our bodies, and that we can use healthy diets and active lifestyles to prevent disease and heal illness. Through food, fitness, and fun, Vibrant Wellness Journal aims to show you how to cultivate the healthiest lifestyle possible.


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ECOPRENEURIST offers advice, tools, and case studies to help ecopreneurists start, run, and grow their businesses. Ecopreneurist covers the latest trends and products from sustainable and socially responsible startups and growing corporations. Its target audience consists of social and eco-minded entrepreneurs who incorporate sustainability into their business plans.



INSPIRED ECONOMIST readers and writers are interested in discussing people, ideas, and companies that inspire positive change through corporate citizenship, social responsibility, impact investing, and sustainable practices.



GREEN JOB POST is our job site for cool green jobs. Job-seekers can browse jobs in all fields of sustainability, whether you’re looking for cleantech jobs or good food jobs. For hiring managers, we offer a range of listing options, with a Premium listing that gives companies additional exposure on our network sites with unique blog posts and targeted jobs newsletters.



GREEN BUILDING ELEMENTS is about the construction of green buildings, both in terms of the pieces that go together to make them, and in terms of the ideas and the design behind them. GBE is interested in exploring all aspects of the built environment and the thinking behind it, from bricks to cities.



PLANETSAVE has been featured on Yahoo! and Google News hundreds of times. Planetsave has writers that are recognized authorities on energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction, wildlife conservation, waste reduction, global warming, ecological activism, and more. The site’s current focus is advancing society through the political and policy sector in order to create a more environmentally, financially, and socially sustainable world



RED, GREEN, & BLUE features a highly educated and persuasively progressive editorial and writing staff that have debunked major whoppers told by politicians and candidates, live-fact-checked Presidential debates, and covered America’s busted democracy and how it could be improved.


CRAFTING A GREEN WORLDcagw-logo-new covers everything from sustainable fabrics and ideas for creative reuse to eco-friendly art supplies and tutorials. It wants to help you make your crafty life greener. Crafting a Green World is the world’s #1 resource for organic, natural, and recycled crafty projects, products, media, and businesses.



SUSTAINABLOG has been a pioneering green blogging site since 2003 — and has fulfilled its mission of “writing to learn” in a big way, amassing a huge Twitter following and a massively respected core of writers and editors, starring Jeff McIntire-Strasburg.



GREEN LIVING IDEAS is the most comprehensive green living website ever assembled, with information on how to live greener in over 200 different areas of life! GLI works with the world’s top green living authors and experts to bring you the latest information and great insights for green and sustainable living.


BliBLUE LIVING IDEAS is working to become the ultimate online resource for information, tips, news, and world events related to preserving and protecting Earth’s most precious commodity: water.


insteading-logoINSTEADING writes about how you can grow healthful vegetables, instead of mowing your lawn flat, as well as how you can power your cars, lawnmowers, and margarita machines with moonshine and recycled vegetable oil, instead of gasoline. We also write about how you can split zombie skulls with machetes and pick out the shape-shifting reptilian overlords that will try to enslave us after the coming apocalypse — instead of getting, you know, eaten.


eden_7eEDEN KEEPER focuses on the inherent connection between spirituality and environmentalism. Faiths across the world acknowledge humanity’s responsibility to be good stewards of the Earth, and to care for and appreciate the glory and beauty of all creation. Eden Keeper’s staff of educated experts will awaken your spirit with thought-provoking stories and breathtaking images.

Our Events:

 An event bringing together the green business community for a day of collaboration, innovation, and connection. Our next event is January 28, 2017, in San Francisco. An Unconference allows participants to decide the agenda for the day, and lets everyone be a teachers. Register for San Francisco’s Sustainability Unconference here.


womens-unconference-squareWOMEN’S UNCONFERENCE: Focused on building a more just, sustainable future for women and allies, this event will bring together the activists, collaborators, healers, and other catalysts for change in San Francisco, February 11, 2017. Details and registration for next event forthcoming.

ct-rev-logo-smallCLEANTECH REVOLUTION TOUR: Founded by cleantech expert and Important Media President, Zachary Shahan, the Cleantech Revolution Tour has hosted three events in 2016 across Europe (Berlin and Leipzig, Germany, and Wroclaw, Poland). Details for future events in Europe and North America are forthcoming.